Some of Halal Forum/Community Websites:
  1. Halal Forum Europe, London. The issues regarding the quality and integrity of Halal food products, and disputes over the validity of stunning and mechanical slaughter are all pointing to the need for greater control and conformity within the Halal sector.
  2. Halal Journal is the only business/ trade magazine focusing on the global Halal market - one that we believe is the current new economy sector. As the realm of Halal extends beyond the obvious references to food and touches on all matters relating to human life, The Halal Journal focuses on all topics of interest and concerns that affect trade and businesses. It is distributed worldwide through individual and corporate subscriptions, partner events, and MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation) offices worldwide.
  3. Japan Question Forum: Muslim Halal Food. ... You can find a list of Halal Food stores in Tokyo and other cities of Japan in this site
  4. is formed with two words – Dagang + Halal. The word “Dagang” means “Trading” in the major Muslim population countries in South East Asia e.g. Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore. It is a common word to the people in these countries. In fact, it has been said that this word was originated from Arab when the Arabian traders started trade in South East Asia in the 14th century.
  5. 17th International Food & Drinks, Hotels, Restaurant, Bakery & Food Service Equipment, Supplies & Services Exhibition and Conference with FHA Culinary Challenge
  6. Forums Europe Finding Halal food in Vienna, Prague, Paris. Europe Forum ... marche Aligre is easy to get to, and it even has a website.
  1. consumers worldwide in many countries logged in to our web site for information on Halal food products and food ingredients.
  1. This is a discussion on A guide to Halal Food Selection within the Kitchen Corner & Decoration part of the Discussion Forums category of Urdu World Forum, Eat of the good things provided for you We probably all enjoy good food, but we must make sure the food we eat is permissible